Thursday, April 14, 2011

April Fool

Paul Chadwick - 1992
Cover to SAN DIEGO COMIC CON COMICS, published by Dark Horse Comics.

Yeah, that's our guy ZONE, making a cameo appearance in the upper left, right behind Concrete's head. This was a goofy jam comic that Dark Horse published for that year's San Diego Comic Con. I didn't attend that year, so unless Dark Horse sent this to me, I'm not even sure where I got my copy of the book. It's not a great rendition of the big guy, but it's cool to see him alongside the creations of some of my favorite comic book artists, then being published by Dark Horse. Can you name all the characters?

Rich Hedden, pencils • Tom McWeeney, inks - 1992
Page four and five of SAN DIEGO COMIC CON COMICS.

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