Friday, April 29, 2011

April Fool

Bjorn Ousland - Ink on 2 ply board - circa 1985-'86

This is a page of original art that was sent to me by my friend Bjorn Ousland, way back when. I met Bjorn in 1981 at The Kubert School, he was in the class following mine. Bjorn came to study at the school from Norway, we shared a lot of similar interests from comics and music to artists and SF authors.

This page has ZONE showing up in the third panel on a poster being applied to the wall in the background. ZONE - UN FILM DE M. KRAIGER I'm not sure what book this appeared in but I believe it was a story written by someone else and illustrated by Bjorn. When he sent me the page he pointed out the coffee stain on right side of the page, courtesy of the books editor, it's not readily visible here.

After graduation, Bjorn went back home to Norway and has been steadily producing humor comics, historical graphic novels and children's books ever since.

To see more of his work, including incredible watercolors from exotic locales go to:

(click on the rocket-ship for English)

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