Sunday, March 13, 2011


It's a ZONE world after all. This post features ZONE as interpreted by several artist friends. Setting the Way-Back Machine to sometime in the 80's, the first photo features my good friends Ed Farbarik and Carol Paulo. Carol is wearing a custom ZONE tee designed and drawn by Ed.

I met Ed in the tenth grade and he is more than partially responsible for me choosing cartooning as a career path. In high school he was know as Comic, because he always carried a few comic books with him along with a stack of typewriter paper upon which he was always sketching superheroes. (A quick aside) Ed worked in a local drugstore and also always carried several varieties of chewing gum with him. Some of the finest young ladies in our school knew him and I would be flabbergasted when they would approach us and say, "Comic, do you have any gum?"

Polaroid photo circa: the mid-80's
Ed created the ZONE tee with markers.

Next up from the mid-90's, ZONE as sculpted by that mad-scientist, Darren Auck. Darren and I have been friends since I met him in 1980, soon after I arrived in New Jersey to attend The Kubert School. Darren and I became fast friends with a shared madness for the unusual and bizarre, Darren promised me I could have his skull when he's done using it.

He is a toy collector and also a custom toy builder. I'll have to try and get a better photo of this some time but the ZONE in the foreground is a custom figure created from a plastic cowboy. It stands about 3 1/2" tall and was presented to me as a birthday present one morning in the Marvel Bullpen where we both worked in the mid-90's.

I created the ZONE head in the background out of an empty oatmeal container.

The figure in the foreground is one of my most favorite birthday presents ever.

The next piece is a recent addition to my collection, ZONE as drawn by the talented Chris Mooneyham. Chris is a 2010 graduate of The Kubert School, check out his recent work at:

Ink on Bristol, 2011

Hey Kids, send me your version of the toxic mutant-monster ZONE
and you can be featured on this very blog.

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