Saturday, March 26, 2011

Written in spit - or - 9th Street

Many years ago, I found myself waiting for the train at the 9th Street PATH station. I think I was returning home to Jersey City from a day spent bumming around Manhattan. Idly looking about I noticed a dust covered box containing a closed-circuit security camera hanging from the ceiling. I stuck my finger in my mouth, swirled it around and reached up wrote ZONE on the side of the box, and did a quick head sketch. And then…

I sort of forgot about it.

Once in a while, I’d remember while passing through that station and look up to see if it was still there and for a very long time it was, I’m talking years. It got dustier and dustier but ZONE was still certainly discernible for anybody who looked up. Some times I’d wonder how long it had been since I’d created it and how long would these markings made with spit last?

Memory fades but I’m sure I pointed it out to one traveling companion or another through the years it was there.

Eventually, the 9th Street PATH station got modernized and the box containing the camera with ZONE written on the side was removed.

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