Saturday, February 12, 2011

Back in the day

I'm guessing this is from around 1984-85 B.C. (before contacts)

Back in the mid-eighties my brother Scott and his wife Maryann, would drive from Cleveland to visit me in New Jersey. We would always spend a day just bumming around Manhattan taking in the sights. Now, back in the eighties, New York City's subways were a moving canvas of graffiti tags and explosions of color. Some of it was a wonder to behold.

Inspired by the graffiti he saw in New York, my brother decided to give over one wall in his basement to a graffiti mural and he wanted ZONE to be a part of it.

On my next trip home we spent a couple of hours creating the masterpiece you see here. I didn't think the mural should just be about ZONE so we incorporated the names of everybody in his family along with hearts, an eight-ball and other iconic imagery.

A couple of times we had to leave the basement for fresh air because the mixture of spray-paint and an enclosed space will mess you up.

This mural remained on the wall for a number of years until finally, the basement walls needed to be waterproofed.

I loved that shirt.


  1. I have a shirt just like that. Look at how hip you were! You look like a Modern Lovers fan!