Tuesday, February 22, 2011


The value of a the black bound sketchbook to me as an artist is immeasurable. The sketchbooks collect my thoughts, ideas and dreams, they allow me to capture moments in time with just a pencil. I've kept one since I was a senior in high school and made a special trip to downtown Cleveland to buy one.

The bound volume of blank pages gave the drawings within a certain validity, a sense of permanence that no spiral-bound sketchbook ever could. I've got 15 or more sitting on my shelf, and the current one usually resides within reach on the coffee table.

Along with collecting your drawings in one neatly bound package, it's also good for passing around to your artist friends and collecting drawings from them.

From sketchbook five 1984 - 1985

ZONE-O by Darren Auck

THE TWILIGHT ZONE, I believe this is by Jay Geldhof

ZIPAZONE and LIL' JIZONE are by Jay Geldhof, the latter being a self portrait as ZONE.
THE EMPEROR ZONIUS is by the wonderful Anna-Maria B. Cool

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